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Type: WP-NC Crane CageType: WP-NC Crane Cage


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Type: WP-NCR Crane CageType: WP-NCR Crane Cage


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Type: WP-NC2R Crane CageType: WP-NC2R Crane Cage


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Type: WP-NC2 Crane CageType: WP-NC2 Crane Cage


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Type: WP-NC2R Crane Cage

Type: WP-NC2R Crane Cage

Type WP-NC2R Crane Cage Work Platform has been designed strictly in accordance with Australian Standard AS
1418.17 and is suitable for a maximum of six people. Work performed in this Cage shall be limited to special tasks of
short duration in situations where necessary to elevate personnel where it is not practicable to erect scaffolds or use a
specially designed device. This Cage can be manufactured to suit First Aid Rescue applications.

Fork Arm slippers are provided for transport purposes only.
The standard finish on the Cage is Zinc finish.

*** All East West Engineering Crane Cages are supplied with a Load Test Certificate, Instructions for usage, Risk
Control Measures and WorkCover


* Suitable for 6 people
* Safe Working Load (SWL) 750kg
* Unit Weight 500kg
* Supplied with Lifting Chains

Type: WP-NC2R Crane Cage
Type: WP-NC2R Crane Cage

Drawing and Specifications:     WP_NC2R_Sales