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Extension Slippers for Forklift Tines:

FE Fork Extension Slippers

FE Fork Extension Slippers

Designed for ease of operation with a slim profile to extend the versatility of your Lift Truck. These Slippers have been
designed and manufactured in accordance with AS 2359.15. Standard finish on all type 'FE' Slippers is Zinc plated. Finish
on all custom built Slippers is enamel painted colour Black.

Additional FEATURES:

* Supplied with Locking Pins
* Fitted with Rating Plate
* Made of High Tensile Grade Steel
* High Safe Working Load (SWL) Rating
* Supplied with Instructions

In accordance with AS2359.15 Slippers used for general usage should be no longer than 167% of the supporting Tine's
length. If the Slippers are longer than 167%, then the usage of those Slippers shall be restricted to their specified

FE Fork Extension Slippers
FE Fork Extension Slippers

Drawing and Specifications:     FE_Sales_web

Extension Slippers for Forklift Tines Product Variations:


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